Case Studies

Document Management Solutions for Insurance Company

The Client

The client is a leading insurance company.

Business Needs

The client had identified that the future state business growth was threatened by potential increase in operating costs. It was decided that the business processes and workflow would need more efficient management of documents — a critical aspect in the insurance industry.


Given the myriad of products available, the client wanted a complete solution addressing all its future needs. The trade-off involved in a multi-product vs. single product solution had to be evaluated.

Our Solution

Infosys' approach to defining the document management solution ensured that products were evaluated using robust criteria, product capabilities were mapped to future roadmap and recommendations took into account in-house experience with DM products.

The criteria to shortlist products included factors like Product Capability, Credentials of Product Vendors, Commercial Terms and mapping with Future Road Map.


The client was able to clearly understand the pros and cons of various options. This allowed for an informed decision on the final solution. Infosys approach ensured that future growth would not be threatened from increases in operating costs.

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