Case Studies

MDM Product Development and Benchmark Testing

The Client

The client is a leading provider of solid-state meters and advanced metering solutions for utilities - electricity, water, gas, collection/communication systems. The company provides enterprise-wide software platforms, project management, installation and consulting services to global utility clients.

Business Needs
  • MDM Development
    1. New features added in the product enhance the product's market value
    2. The product can be integrated seamlessly with multiple collection systems and billing systems
    3. The product can handle a huge volume of meter data and validate, edit and estimate the meter data segregating the meter data related business logic from the billing system
    4. Improve customer satisfaction
  • Benchmark Testing
    1. Benchmark the scalability of the enterprise Meter Data Management product on SQL Server 2005 to handle a high volume of meter data import, export, validation, editing and estimation (5 million interval meters)
    2. Benchmark the throughput of the product
Our Solution
  • Product Development
    1. Analysis, design and development of new features in the MDM product and testing of components
    2. Installation and configuration of the product on SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10g
  • Benchmark Tests
    Phase 1
    1. Analysis and design of the stored procedures that handle a high volume of imports
    2. Development and testing of components
    Phase 2
    1. Installation and configuration of the product on SQL Server 2005
    2. Data set-up for benchmark tests
    3. Execute benchmark tests for a high volume of imports
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