Case Studies

Migration from Legacy System to Work Management System

The client

A Fortune 500 company, the client is a major electrical utility whose functions include distribution and supply of electricity to a wide range of customers including small domestic customers and medium / large commercial and industrial users. It also has generating capacity from interests in nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil-fueled power plants.

Business needs

The client wanted to improve efficiency and productivity through better estimation of time, labor and materials and automation of work flow. This needed migration from the Legacy DB2 System to a new Work Management System (Indus PASSPORT System, Oracle database).


The volume of data to be migrated was large. Data for significant volume of assets (electric poles, transformers, switches) and its related data (work orders for preventive maintenance, history of maintenance, historical readings of assets) had to be migrated from DB2 to Oracle.

Our solution

A modularized approach was adopted for the engagement that created work streams for asset migration, interfaces, report generation, data synchronization with Vitria. Apart from implementation of package modules, Infosys assisted the customer in defining the strategy for data migration and conversion, followed by the data migration itself.


Client achieved stable and efficient operations at substantially lower costs, along with a clear and highly maintainable process model.

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