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Artificial intelligence is taking the electricity sector to a different paradigm

Kislay Rastogi, a lead consultant with Infosys, has outlayed the latest developments that artificial intelligence (AI) has made possible in electricity distribution. In his latest article published by Energy Central, he talks about how AI can help utilities glean insights from data generated by smart grids and distribution networks, as follows:

"With the advent of IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart grid; there will be a pool of data coming from the electrical distribution network, and we can have a lot of information from that data through analytics and data crunching. The real success of AI will be when we are able to pass on the benefits of this technology to utilities and their end consumers, either through efficient services or by lowering the cost of service."

"AI coupled with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) will automate the grid; as the neural network along with the deep learning technology of AI will help the grid network to connect to the best network path, making the grid real smart and intelligent."

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Republished with permission from CyberTech, Inc.
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