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IDC Perspective: Welsh Water Partners with Infosys for its Digital Transformation

IDC highlights Welsh Water’s partnership with Infosys as a success story in laying out foundational elements in the utility’s journey of digital transformation. The IDC report, ‘Welsh Water Executing for its Digital Future,’ (DOC # EMEA41791917, DECEMBER 2017) discusses how the company overhauled its legacy IT systems and modernized its technology landscape to unlock innovation across several business areas.

Welsh Water engaged Infosys for a broad spectrum of services across systems modernization, unified communication and collaboration, and business applications. Infosys helped the company in leveraging digital technologies to enhance customer responsiveness, distill business insights from advanced data analytics, comply with regulations, and save millions of dollars in operational costs

Report takeaways

  • Customer-centricity
    Infosys helped Welsh Water enhance customer responsiveness with a contact center transformation program. Infosys developed solutions to enhance customer service through a platform that delivered customer support solutions.
  • Data analytics
    Welsh Water leverages Infosys Nia, an artificial intelligence platform, for asset investment prioritization and predictive asset maintenance. Infosys helped Welsh Water rationalize, modernize, and consolidate applications via automation and impact simulation.
  • Compliance
    Infosys implemented a platform at Welsh Water to safeguard cybersecurity while addressing regulatory compliance. It mitigates the risks of transition and provides a backup solution to ensure data integrity.
  • Cost
    The transformation program of Infosys enabled Welsh Water to save more than US$ 25 million in the business cycle that runs till 2020. The company is re-investing these savings into advanced digital technologies.

IDC perspective, 'Welsh Water Executing for Its Digital Future' by Gaia Gallotti and Roberta Bigliani. Copyright 2017 IDC. Reproduced with permission from IDC.

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