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Globaldata POV: RPA and the Utilities Sector: Value, Vendors and Services

All modern utilities have one thing in common: they have a large customer base which in turn means large number of transactions occurring every single day. Recent studies show that close to 4 billion customers were over billed in the last year. Utilities who switch their business process to enable RPA can see upto 60% reduction in these errors.

Globaldata, one of the largest data and insights solution providers has published a point of view on RPA- Robotic Process Automation in the Utilities sector and how traditional IT companies are driving this transformation.

Globaldata reviewed the RPA strategies of numerous vendors and observed that Infosys is ahead in implementation of RPA for Utilities with deep domain expertise coupled with proficiency in automation technologies like Pega, Blueprism, UiPath etc. The perfect blend of Infosys Nia along with these next gen technologies calls out for an exclusivity for Infosys in this spectrum.

Report mentions:

  • Infosys is a very good choice for a utility seeking to explore how automation can help it. Infosys has established knowledge and expertise in the sector and has many utility contracts across many of the sector’s functions—generation, transmission, distribution, system operation, and customer interactions and billing. This existing understanding of the industry will serve it well if it is required to support automation initiatives and will make utilities more likely to trust it as a partner.
  • Infosys is also one of a handful of RPA vendors who are specifically targeting utilities in their RPA strategy, having supported a number of companies in the sector in automating processes. Infosys has implemented automation solutions for utility clients targeting a mix of vertical-specific and enterprise functions, including corporate shared services, billing, IT operations, customer service, supply, and transmission/distribution network operations.
  • The company offers a layer of service and support that spans multiple levels of automation and AI solutions, and multiple software platforms—most notably Pega, Blueprism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath. Additionally, Infosys offers its own suite of products including its artificial intelligence platform – Infosys Nia, announced in April 2017. Infosys has combined a number of solutions into the Nia offering, combined with management services.

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GlobalData perspective, 'RPA and the Utilities Sector: Value, Vendors and Services' by Alaa Owaineh,. Copyright 2018 GlobalData. Reproduced with permission from GlobalData.

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