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AMI Toolbox

In any system integration process, data migration is one of the most time consuming process. Mapping of existing data pertaining to customers, premises and meters with components of a new Meter Data Management (MDM) system is a complex process. It is error-prone and requires considerable manual effort.

To enable efficient data migration, Infosys experts created a data migration tool, Infosys Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Toolbox that minimizes time consumption during system integration.

Key features of Infosys AMI Toolbox (AMIX)
  • Migrates daily meter configuration change information, daily account change information, daily rate change information, daily meter reads, events, outage information, and cycle information from legacy to MDM
  • Creates and schedule data conversion and reconciliation
  • Helps in automating data conversion and reconciliation processes, giving rise to simpler maintenance and reducing the time-to-market
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
  • Platform independent
  • Picks up data from different databases (DB2, SQL, Oracle), XML and flat files
  • Migrates data to different databases (SQL, Oracle), XML, flat files, DLL and web services
  • Sets filtering logic during data migration
  • Generates codes to develop custom data migration application on top of available tool features
Migration of account configuration data into MDM is extremely time consuming and error-proneAMIX is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool capable of extracting data from the source and relocates it to the destination after successful transformation. The source and destination include:
  • Database (DB2, SQL, Oracle)
  • File (xml, txt, CSV)
  • Web Services
  • DLL
AMIX interacts with different types of MDM and multiple legacy systems such as CIS, MIS, and OMS

AMIX helps in managing the complex and cumbersome steps of a MDM deployment in an easy, error-free and time- saving manner
Infosys' Advantage

Our expertise in system integration spans utilities legacy systems and AMI/ MDM systems. Key differentiators of AMIX include:

  • Compatibility with multiple utility legacy systems
  • Reduces data migration effort and cost
  • Enables utilities to quickly integrate MDM with their key applications
  • Utilities harvest benefits of AMI/ MDM integration sooner
  • Offers flexibility to customize by generating code snippets for data migration process