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Customer Information Systems (CIS) Legacy Modernization

Customer Information Systems Modernization

Utility companies need to modernize their Customer Information Systems (CIS) to address complex Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) requirements and enhance operational efficiencies. In addition, they must replace legacy technology and proprietary CIS platforms.

Full-scale CIS replacement projects are risky, costly and involve change management. Infosys’ CIS Legacy Modernization solution helps utility companies modernize their Customer Information Systems in a phased manner by optimizing existing investments.

Implementing complex AMI requirements such as TOU Billing, Net Metering and Prepaid BillingFull-service AMI solution offering includes:
  • Strategic AMI consulting services
  • Tactical AMI consulting services
  • End-to-end development as well as Systems Integration services for AMI applications
  • Core AMI applications such as MDM as well as modernization of CIS and billing for AMI capabilities
  • Faster delivery of innovative services to customers
  • Enhances customer satisfaction, opens up revenue streams and ensures regulatory compliance at a lower cost
Inefficient workflow for contact center, low agent productivityFront-end workflow optimization solution with CTI integration delivers:
  • Framework of best practices to optimize UI-specific to user group using usability/UXD principles
  • Infosys Active Desk, a comprehensive optimization solution for Contact Centers
  • Reduces average call handling time and repeat calls
  • Reduces backlog of tickets and exceptions
  • Saves time and cost of training agents
  • Increases customer satisfaction and agent productivity
High cost of operating platform maintenanceLegacy re-hosting offering migrates the existing code from mainframe to distributed environment enabling:
  • Execution of the application code as-is on a distributed platform
  • Infosys’ proprietary tools such as UI Migration, and iSSMA (DB2 to SQL server migration) to accelerate re-hosting process
  • Low risk approach to migrate complex applications while delivering immediate reduction in total cost of ownership. A majority of customers benefit from a 35-60% reduction in mainframe costs
  • Useful technique to reduce batch-windows and service enablement of existing applications
  • Difficulties in maintaining and enhancing inflexible and monolithic code
  • Dependency on legacy proprietary CIS platforms which are dependent on skill-sets
Integration offering to Service-Oriented Architecture enables application for multi-channel integration:
  • Definition of new architecture leveraging current code base to the maximum extent
  • Infosys’ proprietary tools for legacy modernization
  • Multi-channel integration through SOA
  • Flexible architecture for future enhancements
  • Reduced dependency on aging/retiring resources with specific skill-sets
CIS Legacy Modernization Solutions

Infosys' CIS Legacy Modernization solution offers a low-risk approach to CIS modernization. Our phased approach has four stages - Assess, Align, Alter and Support - to ensure that your Customer Information Systems achieve your business objectives.

The Infosys Advantage

  • Customized approach involves application of techniques to meet the specific objectives of modernization
  • Tools, frameworks and accelerators for faster time-to-market
  • Proven track record of executing CIS modernization engagements for many utilities in the U.S.
  • Rich experience in understanding, assessing and enhancing complex and monolithic CIS applications
  • Call center productivity improvement through workflow optimization

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