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CIS Support & Maintenance for Utilities

Utilities continue to seek ways to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their Customer Information Systems (CIS). They require cost-effective solutions, which reduce support and maintenance costs, while improving the reliability, quality and performance of CIS.

Infosys' Utility CIS Support and Maintenance offering creates business value for Utilities by delivering a superior, reliable service at an affordable cost.

Excessive cost of maintenance and support of CIS Leverage Infosys' Global Delivery Model (GDM) and new engagement models, including ticket-based pricing, co-sourcing and shared services model Flexibility to address variable resource requirements as a result of changing business needs, while delivering significant cost savings
Transition of large, complex and mission-critical CIS is time-consuming and riskyUtilize Infosys' phased transition framework and tools along with deep domain knowledge to assure smooth transitionRapid and safe transition delivers quicker ROI and minimal disruption to business
Current productivity improvement is limitedEmploy Infosys' continuous improvement framework for preventive maintenance, accelerators, best practices, processes, tools, and automation Continuous improvement in productivity and operational efficiency
Limited predictability and reliability, as well as time-intensive changes and enhancementsUtilize Service Level Agreement (SLA) based framework to provide superior quality serviceHigher predictability, reliability, faster time-to-market, improved service levels, and quality
Aging workforce and impending risk of knowledge lossEmploy Infosys' comprehensive knowledge management tools to retain and enhance knowledge base Effective knowledge management resulting in improved performance, competitive advantage and innovation
CIS Support MethodologyInfosys proven methodology for CIS Support and Maintenance Framework Tools, honed from abundant experience in similar engagements, accelerates every step in the process. The overall framework for CIS Support and Maintenance, as given below, helps Utility companies continue the journey toward operational excellence, while establishing a more predictable cost base. CIS Support & Maintenance ModelInfosys' CIS Support and Maintenance model ensures a seamless transition and a steady state for large and complex CIS applications. The CIS Support and Maintenance Model below, details our process for securing a smooth transformation. CIS Phased Transition MethodologyInfosys' Phased Transition Methodology, as given below, aids in rapid and safe transition within a merged entity.
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