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AMI Deployment & Assessment Solutions for Utilities

With recent advancements in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid, the legacy Customer Information System (CIS) present in utility companies must be upgraded to function within the new AMI environment. The CIS must be leveraged to cater to the needs of AMI through a CIS upgrade or modification. Infosys AMI Assessment in-a-Box solution enables utilities to assess their AMI requirements within weeks while coordinating with the given partner ecosystem.

Existing CIS systems are monolithic, not scalable to handle interval metering data and not easily upgraded to meet needs of AMI and Smart GridInfosys' assessment provides reports indicating enhancements required to support AMI

The Infosys assessment will detail suggested solutions and provide a roadmap to implement changes quickly, incrementally and in a cost-effective manner
  • Readiness of existing application portfolio (CIS, GIS, WMS, and OMS) in terms of functionality and inter-operability with AMI
  • Identification of constraints of current system such as:
    • Time of Use (TOU) rates
    • Complex usage calculations and billing exceptions
  • Completed assessment includes a tailored roadmap for comprehensive transformation
Readiness of existing CIS to support AMI requirements is difficult to ascertainInfosys provides powerful tools to perform the As-Is, To-Be and Gap Analysis for CIS systems. We provide pre-defined AMI-relevant Meter-to-Cash (M2C) process templates that cover functions such as:
  • TOU
  • Call center application upgrades
  • Interface with field service systems
  • Usage of interval data for analytical purposes
  • Enablement of remote connects and disconnects
  • Reduce time to completion of AMI roadmap
  • Reduce cost of AMI implementation
The Infosys Advantage

Infosys facilitates deployment of industry best practices to help increase the pace of innovation. Infosys practices ensure availability of basic architecture elements necessary for future-proofing and enhancement of existing CIS systems to cater to the requirements of AMI and Smart Grid.

Infosys has enabled clients to achieve key objectives by moving to an automated metering environment, while maintaining regulatory compliance and optimal utilization of existing investment in CIS. The achievement of these objectives translates into further profitability and competitiveness. Infosys deploys multiple tools and accelerators to ensure CIS is AMI-compliant faster at reduced cost and risk.

Infosys AMI Assessment-in-a-Box provides:

  • Layered architecture necessary to maintain flexibility and adaptability to meet future requirements
  • Strategies and technical points of view with an emphasis on future-proofing AMI solutions
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