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Meter Data Management & Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solutions

Utilities are adopting Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions to:

  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Strict regulatory mandates take a narrow view of the benefits of Advanced Metering deployment
  • Infosys’ AMI Practice provides a framework to simplify AMI deployment and implementation
  • Infosys’ AMI Solution Framework and IP accelerate AMI deployment from planning till deployment
  • Provide enhanced customer service
  • Infosys delivers comprehensive AMI implementation services in partnership with leading AMI and MDM vendors to mitigate the risks of complex systems integration
  • Infosys’ experience in complex AMI implementations reduces the risks associated with multi-million dollar investments
  • Select the right technology mix based on business and geographical requirements
  • Infosys’ highly skilled team has rich experience in MDM products and live AMI and MDM implementations
  • Faster turnaround time, scalability, vast technical talent and domain expertise simplify project execution
  • Implementation of Meter Data Management system involves the development of complex interfaces and enterprise-wide systems integration
  • Infosys is a full-service AMI solution vendor offering:
  1. Strategic AMI consulting services
  2. Tactical AMI consulting services
  3. End-to-end development as well as Systems Integration services for AMI applications
  4. Core AMI applications
  5. Optional AMI applications
  • Infosys’ AMI solutions and Strategy Framework enable:
  1. Faster delivery of innovative services to customers
  2. Enhanced customer satisfaction, more revenue streams and regulatory compliance at a lower cost

The Infosys Advantage

Infosys follows best practices of ISO 27000, ISO 14001, CMM Level 5, CMMI Level 5 and PCMM Level 5 to guarantee maximum execution efficiency. We comply with all regulatory requirements within the scope of the project.

Our AMI solutions leverage AMI Meters, Communications and Meter Data Management to transform your operations across several areas:

Customer Management

  • Reads all meters automatically and remotely at designated intervals (e.g., hourly)
  • Supports TOU rates, CPP and RTP
  • Eliminates estimated bills and adjustments
  • Increases billing accuracy
  • Synchronizes Summary Billing (no meter cycle constraints)
  • Provides two-way communication (listen and talk)
  • Automatic outage detection
  • Optimizes dispatching of Troubleman/line crews
  • Restoration notification
  • Tampering and theft detection capabilities
  • Implements Pre-Pay with e-Payment and AMI automatic disconnect/connect capabilities
  • Gateway to Home Area Network (HAN)
  • Eliminates manual meter reading expense
  • Reduces cost per read
  • Improves customer service
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces billing exceptions and cost
  • Reduces unbilled revenue
  • Reduces Call Center labor and telephone expense
  • Reduces Field Service labor and equipment expense
  • Reduces theft detection expense
  • Significantly reduces cost to serve with Pre-Pay capabilities
  • Significantly reduces bad debt loss

Asset Management

  • Uses actual v/s estimated loads for distribution asset analysis and design
  • Uses automated tools to improve design quality and enforce engineering standards
  • Specifies optimal sizing of transformers and distribution components by balancing cost, reliability and safety considerations
  • Distributes circuit monitoring and exception reporting
  • Ability to share infrastructure for distribution control and automation
  • Monitors power quality
  • Improves design quality
  • Improves design cycle time
  • Improves load management
  • Improves asset utilization
  • Improves reliability
  • Improves SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI
  • Reduces unnecessary capital equipment costs and field expense
  • Reduces frequency and duration of forced outages
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases return on investment

Energy Management

  • Provides actual hourly load to increase forecasting accuracy
  • Establishes energy usage baseline
  • Monitors actual energy usage
  • Identifies opportunities for energy savings
  • Measures energy usage reduction
  • Calculates energy savings
  • Optimizes operations and energy usage tradeoffs
  • Measures effectiveness of energy saving programs
  • Facilitates voluntary/involuntary (load control) response to high energy prices
  • Facilitates shift in energy usage to reduce system peak
  • Verifies energy supplier invoices
  • Identifies billing discrepancies / overcharges
  • Recovers billing overcharges
  • Reduces variance between day-ahead energy forecasts and actual energy requirements
  • Reduces variance between day-ahead energy purchases and actual next day energy purchase requirements
  • Reduces costly, hour-ahead energy purchases
  • Peak capacity reduction (peak-shaving)
  • Reduces energy supply and T&D capital investment requirements
  • Reduces energy generation and procurement expense
  • Reduces overall purchased power expense
  • Improves reliability
  • Increases generation and T&D return on investment
  • Increases customer satisfaction

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