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Customer Service Assessment Framework

As utility companies embark on a Smart Grid journey and implement Smart Metering systems, Customer Information System (CIS) must be agile, flexible and scalable to leverage new capabilities.

Infosys' Customer Service Assessment Framework helps utility companies assess their customer service landscape (business and technology) and provides a road map for the customer service portfolio. The road map includes business process improvements, technology upgrade options, as well as associated benefits and risks. This framework is critical to assess Utilities' customer service system readiness to meet requirements of new programs such as AMI and Smart Grid.

Inability to accommodate new functionality in CIS, lack of scalability and failure to achieve business growthIdentify IT applications and processes that require modernization/ improvement, as well as providing scalable technology alignment road maps
  • Identification of obsolete, aging, non-scalable applications and creating a road map for technology upgrade of these applications
  • Identify associated benefits and risks to upgrade technology
  • Areas of improvement in IT project management processes identified, resulting in improved IT processes
Handling current business issues such as rebilling, presentation of invoices and credit handlingIdentify bottlenecks and gaps in business processes as well as provide recommendations to streamline business processes Critical business processes and workflows streamlined, resulting in higher productivity
Excessive CIS maintenance and support costs. Continuous pressure to ensure smooth business operations while reducing IT costsEvaluate critical areas of CIS from a maintenance perspective and formulate recommendations to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reduce maintenance costs and increased focus on new programs and initiatives
CIS lacks scalability to meet new requirements of transformational programs such as AMI and Smart GridCIS AMI Assessment-in-a-box solution to identify critical business processes impacted by AMI, as well as build recommendations to align and upgrade CIS with AMI and Smart Grid Newly improved and agile CIS that can meet the needs of AMI and other future programs
Customer Service Assessment FrameworkInfosys' Customer Service Assessment Framework provides a structure to evaluate client's CIS by adopting either the Assessment Engagement or Assessment Workshop approach, depending on the client's system and needs. The illustration below explains the two stages of CIS readiness

Depending on client's readiness, we recommend the following two approaches:

Assessment Engagement

An Assessment Engagement follows the typical assessment life cycle with a full discovery phase, in-depth analysis and is especially suited for clients that are in the early stages of CIS strategy formulation. The conventional Assessment Engagement Framework is illustrated below:

Workshop-based AssessmentCustomer Service Assessment EngagementThis is a rapid diagnostics-based approach that extracts initial pain point identification and validation cycles to optimize on time and cost. This type of assessment is best suited in situations where the client:
  • Has CIS and CS historic performance data
  • Has a CIS road map in place
  • Understands the overall IT strategy and CIS impact on strategy
  • Needs a CIS specialist to validate the roadmap and suggest alternatives, if necessary

Infosys' workshop-based assessment framework is illustrated alongside:

The overall assessment framework follows the ensuing logical steps:

  • Establish Current/ Best Practices Framework
  • Identify Process Improvements
  • Perform Functional/ Technical Quality Analysis
  • Final Recommendation/ Refinement
Infosys - Workshop Based Assessment FrameworkThe assessment framework is enabled by the following accelerators:
  • Team of domain and technical experts, bringing in experience from other Utilities
  • Blueprint, process maps for CIS impact due to AMI implementation
  • Pre-defined questionnaires based on AMI Value Realization Methodology Framework to assess the impact of CIS changes
  • Point of view for AMI implementation roadmap
  • Estimation models for budgetary cost for CIS modernization/ enhancements

Infosys Advantage

  • Well-defined and proven custom approach to customer service assessment
  • Framework and tools to accelerate each step of the process
  • Infosys' rich experience on similar engagements
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