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Customer Service Integration & CRM Consolidation

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) bring together different sets of people, processes and technologies with the common objective of creating a larger and unified enterprise. The enterprise aims to benefit from the synergies of merging companies by consolidation, rationalization and integration of people, processes and technologies. However, the cost and complexity of integrating processes and systems is often prohibitive.

Infosys' Customer Service Integration and Consolidation solution provides a cost-effective and low-risk approach to extract maximum business value from M&A. It helps consolidate and integrate customer service operations of merging companies in a phased manner, thereby resulting in improved operational effectiveness and productivity.

Post M&A, customer service business of merging companies run as different operations with isolated business applicationsCreation of a Unified Agent Desktop (UAD), followed by phased and selective consolidation by agent groupsReduced operational costs while improving customer service and agent productivity
Savings and synergies are not achieved with multiple disparate systemsService-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integration of multiple systems Nimble and agile architecture of the merged IT landscape results in savings and synergies of business operations
High risk and costs associated with systems integration of the merged enterpriseThree-stage CIS/ CRM consolidation framework delivering incremental value with an increasing level of integration Low cost and risk, minimal disruption to business operations, rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and improved operational efficiency for the merged company

Customer Service Integration Framework The overall Post-Merger Integration framework is illustrated alongside:

UAD solution consolidates User Interface (UI) to achieve operational as well as process consolidation. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced cost of customer service operations while improving service
  • Reduced cost of systems integration
  • Shortened duration of systems integration
  • Reduced risk and change impact

For more information on the UAD, click on the image below

Infosys - Unified Agent Desktop

CIS/ CRM Consolidation framework depicted below provides a three-stage approach which offers incremental value with an increasing level of integration, a key driver in Post-Merger Integrations.

CIS/CRM Consolidation Framework

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