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The agility of your dispersed workforce depends on how seamlessly it is connected to the enterprise. Your workforce can take critical business decisions anytime, anywhere when you implement an enterprise mobility solution.

The Infosys Enterprise Mobility Solution

Infosys' Enterprise Mobility solution offers an advanced, scalable and cost-effective approach to implementing mobile applications. It spans the solution cycle and covers assessment, conceptualization and implementation, as described below:

  • Strategy
    Our enterprise mobility solution meets your current and emerging needs. We adopt a bottom-up approach to develop your mobile architecture and build a proof-of-concept
  • Infrastructure Design
    Our expertise in wireless network solutions enables you to leverage CDPD, CDMA 1xRTT, GPRS, Wi-Fi/802.11x technologies to address performance and security
  • System Migration
    We adopt a phased approach to migrating proprietary solutions/legacy systems to the latest technologies and upgrade from old to new versions
  • Device Management
    Our solutions support multiple devices with different operating systems for software distribution, asset management, security, backup and recovery
  • Application Development
    We implement state-of-the-art applications, integrate them with enterprise systems and undertake performance testing
  • Data Synchronization
    We ensure data integrity in a distributed environment. Also, we optimize information exchange based on bandwidth considerations
  • Mobile Enterprise Intranet
    Our solution ensures that your ERP, CRM and SCM solutions are made available on a mobile platform to enable faster decision-making


When you implement our Enterprise Mobility solution, you realize several benefits.

  • Customer Orientation
    Our solution is designed to meet your customers' needs by ensuring faster turnaround
  • Enhanced Productivity
    Our solution enhances your distributed workforce into a cohesive, high performing team by providing instant access to enterprise data
  • Ease of Use
    Our solution's user-friendly, intuitive design makes it easy to adopt
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