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Energy Generation & Trading Solutions

The Generation & Trading industry of today is getting spiked up to meet the demands of the future world — epitomized by ubiquitous, unseen nanodevices. However, balancing limited natural resources with growing consumer demands is leading to an overload in energy markets and creating a capacity crunch in conventional plants.

Faced with a more competitive marketplace, regulatory concerns and new business models, enterprises that wish to shape tomorrow's generation and trading landscape need a modern technology landscape that helps them create a future-proof and efficient operating environment.

Challenges & Opportunities

Making the big shift seamless: Besides the pressures of clean generation, the potential impact of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the need to use renewable resources are creating an industry-wide shift. The result — issues in network security, energy optimization , load management, knowledge management, and technology management, which must be addressed with the right IT solutions.

Adapting to market demands: Re-orienting trading strategies. Achieving operational excellence. Complying with regulations. It's a complicated checklist, but imperative nonetheless.

Harnessing technology to manage growth: An increasingly complex energy and technology portfolio is driving additional needs around lifecycle management, asset data and technological enablement.

How Infosys Delivers Business Value

Infosys enables utilities enterprises to implement strategies and solutions tailored for both generation and trading organizations. Our skills satisfy client needs for technology support, implementation, and optimization ; while delivering measurable business value and speed of project execution at lower risk. At Infosys’ Utilities Center of Excellence, we create innovative technology solutions for growing industry needs. Our focus areas include:

Solutions for industry-wide challenges: Infosys helps enterprises manage a changing industry landscape by deploying solutions to protect plant and network operations from physical and cyber security threats. Our technology expertise spans different areas that effect efficient operations — improving asset optimization and reliability, managing knowledge processes and human capital, and enhancing data visualization of operations.

Improving trading operations: Infosys enables efficient and effective trading by creating flexible architecture and implementing customized packages for utilities. Our energy trading solutions aim to strengthen market operations with improved integration and highly scalable infrastructure, while enhancing the speed of market interaction.


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