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Identity & Access Management Solutions

Infosys Identity and Access Management solution creates an identity-enabled security infrastructure with business and security controls for secure access to an enterprise resource. We establish an enterprise foundation of services that provide multilevel authentication, role and rule-based access control, and provisioning workflows. Our solution is tailored to ensure that your enterprise achieves business goals:

  • Accelerated regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC, NERC / CIP)
  • Improved productivity and user experience
  • Increased business collaboration


Infosys Identity and Access Management solution realizes several benefits:

Enhanced productivity
Our solution ensures that employees, contractors, and other enterprise users are made available at the right time. It ensures that there is no loss of productivity due to a delay in providing access to resources via feeds from human resources and contract management systems.

Infosys Identity and Access Management solution empowers employees and other users with self-service capabilities to manage profile information, request access to applications, and manage passwords. Users can demand access to logically named resources, which can consist of multiple systems, accounts, and access rights.

Business process re-engineering
Typically, the processes related to identity creation and management are complex, lack a holistic view, and are found in silos in each application. When we implement Identity and Access Management solution, you get to review current processes and re-engineer them to meet enterprise goals.

Reduced exposure due to employee termination
Our solution ensures instant and complete disabling of access to enterprise systems in the event of termination of an employee or an enterprise user.

Reduced cost of compliance
The solution automates compliance controls and reporting such as separation of responsibilities, restriction on information sharing across affiliates, and business units.

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