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Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF)

The Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF) provides rapid, non-invasive and inexpensive integration to address the "swivel-seat phenomenon" and leverage call center technology.

Manage contact centers with legacy, inflexible systems and multiple silos within operations. Such systems impact the bottom line Microsoft’s Customer Center Framework (CCF) integrates multiple applications in the front-end layer. No change to the current applications is required. It also integrates multiple customer contact channels easily Reduces call handling times and training costs
Agents work on several applications to address customers’ requests. Repeated applications interface affects average handling time and results in costly errors Microsoft’s CCF reduces the time to switch between applications. It eliminates the need to manually ‘copy and paste’ by facilitating call workflows across applications Prevents “ripping and replacing” existing systems
Replacing legacy applications is complex and costly Microsoft’s CCF enables integration with CTI server and provides telephony controls and screen-pop on the agent desktop Constitutes a part of the CIS modernization project
Benefits of Microsoft Customer Care Framework
  • Rapid, non-invasive and inexpensive integration addresses "swivel-seat phenomenon" and leverages call center technology
  • Architecture and reference model for building integrated customer service applications based on modular XML Web Services architecture for rapid integration of customer care applications
  • Improvement in call center efficiency through faster delivery of accurate information to customer service representatives
  • Agile platform to roll out strategic initiatives
Customer Care Framework
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