Industry Offerings

SAP Solutions for Utilities

  • Competitive pressures increasing due to the deregulation of the Utilities Industry
  • Increasing Market and Regulatory changes
  • Increasing focus on Customer Service Improvement
Market and Regulatory changes as key drivers for change Move to a flexible architecture powered by Netweaver. Implementation of Utility Specific packages like SAP-ISU. The solutions are implemented with Infosys GDM which provides the flexibility to derive the maximum value with appropriate resourcing where it is most economical without affecting the service quality.
  • Flexible operations
  • Key Metrices to manage business
  • Use of Best Practices for Utilities
  • Lower TCO
  • Lower cost of Maintenance
Managing the multiple subcontractors Infosys provides end to end service capability in working in multi-vendor scenario with clear SLAs of each vendor and well defined responsibility matrix. Further, Infosys has used subcontractors in niche skill areas as well as used collaboration and partnership with firms specialized in Utility Domain Technology Solutions.
  • Improved ability to manage and monitor vendors.
  • Monitoring of Services in accordance with Service Quality Measurement Plan.
  • Improvement of the Quality of Service.
Challenges of Multiple Application Landscapes SAP has a homogeneous set of integrated solutions which is implemented by Infosys and takes care of all challenges of the Multiple Application Landscapes. Customizations are done by Infosys to take care of specific needs of the Businesses of the client. Use of appropriate middleware in the solution architecture ensures data flow and consistency across landscapes.
  • Arriving at a "single version of truth" for data across different landscapes
  • Consistent Reporting capabilities
  • Real time integration
  • Reducing Data redundancy
  • Decrease of effort to maintain Master Data across different landscapes.
  • End-to-end service capability including, implementation, upgrades & production support & maintenance and enhancements for Utilities.
  • Delivery excellence through time-tested methodologies and tools, with over 90% SAP projects delivered on-time and on-budget.
  • Reduction of cost due to lean consulting team and innovative use of Global Delivery Model.

End-to-end service capability including, implementation, upgrades & production support & maintenance and enhancements for Utilities.

  • Move to an environment with few vendors
  • Well defined and reliable product release and upgrade strategy
  • Single service vendor for SAP solutions
  • Can move to a “center of excellence” based support
  • Wider offshoring of services translate to cost benefits
LOB (Line of Business Executives)
  • Well defined role and business processes
  • Effective transactional processing via best practices and client focused implementation/ support services
  • Global delivery model ensures faster turnaround of maintenance tickets
  • Reliable product support for business functions from vendor
  • CMM Certified Methodologies, Tools and Processes – ensuring highest level of service quality
  • Architecturally simplified landscape due to tight integration of SAP systems
  • System administration support available in a 24/7 environment
  • Scalable systems for high volume data management

Our implementation services are executed using the Infosys proprietary i-SIF framework whose key features are as shown in the figure below.

Integrated SAP Implementation

The ASAP driven GDM enabled i-SIF Implementation Methodology is as shown below:

SAP Implementation Methodology

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