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As the levels of ‘Grid Quotient’ (GQ) rise among consumers, the enterprises looking to lead the smart grid into an intelligent future have reached a consensus – information is power.

This is where information technology connects: to maximize the unlimited potential of an industry that can create sensor-heavy and carbon-light cities and economies. Realizing this, however, requires solutions that can help enterprises in overcoming industry blockages and outages.

Challenges and opportunities

Energizing the enterprise: Concern for environmental stewardship, reliability and availability of energy is driving utilities to depend on the smart grid for evolving customer relationships, energy delivery, and energy consumption. This transformation can be effected with the convergence of traditional operations with communications and information technology.

Getting intelligent with data: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) has created abundance of data, but does not deliver sweeping business value. Effective data utilization for an intelligent distribution system is part of the solution.

Delivering beyond satisfaction: As the industry needs and expectations of the consumers evolve, the complex technology landscape makes it all the more difficult to create a stellar customer experience. Reaching out to consumers across channels is considered as an imperative, with technology that increases consumer interest and participation in energy management.

How Infosys delivers business value

As utility enterprises shift from traditional operations to the next-generation of smart grid business processes, we at Infosys are equipped to engineer and deliver a seamless integration of new technology. Harnessing strong alliances with leading industry partners, we deliver across the value chain, investing in solutions and creating reusable frameworks to deploy, and measure value, so that business benefits can be made visible during an engagement

Infosys Utilities Center of Excellence combines expertise in customer care, billing systems, metering systems, and work, and asset management systems to create industry-leading solutions that enable effective management of technology risks and reduction in execution risks. Our focus areas include:

  • Enhancing consumer experience: Our portfolio spans Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager, innovative social media platforms, convenient mobility solutions, and integrated data analytics
  • Ease of rationalization and implementation of new technology: We leverage our broad industry experience, frameworks, and an extensive partner network for transformational outcomes
  • Streamlined operational optimization and data visualization: Our integrated solutions and customized business intelligence can help cut through the complexity and provide actionable intelligence
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