Industry Offerings

Transmission and Distribution Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Infosys' mobility and wireless solution spans asset and work management, outage management, mobility/ wireless, AM/FM/GIS, design tools, field force solutions, regulatory reporting and plant information management. Our mobility and wireless solution enables you to achieve significant improvement in utilization of field service representatives and construction/ maintenance crews. It improves reliability and predictability for outages, increases productivity, reduces response times and increases customer satisfaction.

Work Management System

Infosys' asset and work management solution ensures smooth workflow across disparate systems, provides better estimation and monitoring of work orders. Our solution enables better coordination of crews and materials to improve customer satisfaction and resource usage. We help you save costs by migrating from a legacy system to a new sophisticated work management system.

Supply Chain Transformation Solution

Infosys' supply chain transformation solution covers the entire fulfillment and payment cycle associated with non-fuel materials and services. Our solution addresses cataloging, requisitioning, sourcing, supplier relationship management, purchasing, inventory management, work order integration and accounts payable for materials and services. It helps reduce overall supply chain costs across the enterprise, improve work order management and customer service.

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