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Transmission & Distribution (T & D) Services for Utilities

As the utilities industry embarks on a transformation from the era of vertical unbundling to the era of smart meters and smart grids, the focus on improving transmission and distribution (T&D) operations has never been greater.

Today’s enterprises need to formulate and implement smart distribution solutions that aim for ultimate customer satisfaction, while focusing on the safety of employees, citizens and the environment. Creating an operating environment that is 'low on losses and high on efficiency' calls for a strategic technology road map that addresses immediate and future requirements.

Challenges and opportunities

Increased complexity: There is a sea change in today’s operating environment owing to changes caused by socio-economic conditions of consumers, mergers and acquisitions, and escalating regulatory and environmental pressures. These changes, coupled with an aging infrastructure and workforce, have only made the business climate more complex.

Continuous operational improvements: Utilities continuously strive for efficient T&D operations to drive service reliability, regulatory compliance and safety. Having access to solutions that monitor and improve these operational parameters is critical to bolstering efficiency.

How Infosys delivers business value

With strong industry experience and solutions tailored for the transmission and distribution segment, Infosys creates business value through a reduction in project execution risk, improved operational efficiency, and maximized asset utilization. We create business impact with technology in these focus areas:

Shaping the digital utility: By embracing innovation, enabling technology, and instilling processes, Infosys breathes new life into technology in T&D enterprises. This transformation improves reliability of systems, eliminates operational risks, and enhances security.

Optimizing distribution operations: The digital utility demands innovation by way of technology enablement and proven processes. Through Infosys Utilities Center of Excellence, clients can manage knowledge processes and human capital. They can also enhance data visualization of operations through smart grid solutions to address the needs of an aging workforce and over-burdened assets.


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