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The Electric Utility industry is undergoing changes as a result of environmental mandates, the availability of energy, cost of supply, and an aging workforce and infrastructure. Their cumulative effect makes the Intelligent Grid and Smart Metering a business imperative.

The interconnected energy system that drives factories and provides electricity to the masses has gained from real-time automation, from the power plant to the substation. In addition, the system leverages advanced, high-volume transaction systems to support customer care and billing.

Till date, the energy system operates almost flawlessly and delivers power at a relatively low cost. Consequently, consumers remain insulated from what is happening on the other side of the wall outlet. Similarly, utilities do not feel the need to reach out to consumers and their power consuming devices.

However, consumers are now realizing that they must become active participants in the future of energy and the environment. On their part, utilities are providing consumers with choice through two way communications and time-of-use pricing. These measures are not only environment-friendly, they also enhance the reliability of power.

Consumers can shift from passive consumption to active conservation with the adoption of energy monitoring and control technologies (Smart Metering), and a new breed of customer care systems that allow 'self-service' over the web. Self-service is an imperative, if utilities have to deliver a 'smart customer experience' from their Smart Metering investments while reducing call center costs. Historically, utilities have faced challenges in bridging energy management with customer management.

Infosys helps utilities bridge the gap between Smart Metering solutions and Customer Information Systems (CIS). Our Utilities Center of Expertise combines expertise in customer care and billing systems such as SAP's IS-U/CCS and Itron's IEE Smart Metering solution with three platforms designed in-house:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution (AMIS): Our platform uses open standards and web services to integrate smart metering and customer applications
  • Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager: Our product helps utilities ensure customer delight through sustainable energy management and revitalized customer service
  • Comprehensive Customer Service Solution (CCSS): Our framework enables designing and deploying changes in customer service business processes

Infosys enables utilities to deliver a 'smart customer experience'. We implement integrated Smart Metering/CIS projects much faster and at a fraction of the cost by leveraging our Global Delivery Model.

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