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Natural Gas Industry Solutions

Technology has flattened the natural gas industry, from regional gas trades to prolific cross-border gas trades. The Flat World will be characterized by more cross-border trade, greater supply pressures due to higher demand and higher purchasing power of emerging economies, more customer choice, consolidation to achieve economies of scale and greater collaboration between gas buyers, sellers, transporters and customers across borders. The Flat World poses new challenges as well as growth opportunities. Infosys leverages its consulting-to-implementation capability to help natural gas utilities to design Flat World operational processes, enabled by Flat World technologies.


Identity and Access Management

Infosys' Identity and Access Management solution creates an identity-enabled security infrastructure with business and security controls for secure access to an enterprise resource. Our solution ensures that your enterprise achieves business goals.


Procure-to-Pay Solution

Infosys' comprehensive Procure-to-Pay solution addresses indirect materials and services procurement by consolidating industry-best practices and proven ERP and procurement systems.


Distribution Integrity Management Program

Infosys' Distribution Integrity Management Program offering makes a compelling business case to enhance the safety and security of pipelines. We help companies transcend regulatory compliance and converts compliance into a business opportunity.


Field Force & Enterprise Mobility

Infosys' Enterprise Mobility solution offers an advanced, scalable and cost-effective approach to implementing mobile applications. It spans the solution cycle and covers assessment, conceptualization and implementation.


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