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There can be few bigger influences on our national life and prosperity than the effectiveness of water and wastewater services. Water utilities are increasingly faced with the ongoing challenge of doing more with less against a backdrop of powerful regulatory forces, ageing assets, and little interaction with their end consumer. The focus on accurate, relevant, timely information and greater stickiness with the customer is paramount.

Today’s enterprises need to formulate and implement smart data and asset solutions that create superior customer satisfaction, optimization of assets, meaningful insights from data, and leave minimal impact on the environment.

Challenges and opportunities

Customer intimacy: The environment for water companies varies across the world. Typically, there are limited routes available for a water company to increase its revenue through increased customer numbers, having access to solutions that can drive greater customer engagement. Intimacy is critical to improving customer experience and generating new revenue streams.

Turning knowledge into insight: Utilities deal with vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Managing and understanding this data to ensure that right resources and spends are deployed is vital. Greater insights can mean proactive targeting of the quality of water supplied and treated wastewater discharges, effective management of ageing infrastructure assets that require renewal or adherence to regulatory requirements such as finance, asset management, and customer management.

Improving performance: Water is vital to all aspects of our society– from drinking, washing, cleaning, manufacturing and cooking, to recreation and health. These needs have to be balanced against environmental impacts such as on resources and habitats, and economic drivers such as affordability and financing to ensure a sustainable future.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys works with water organizations worldwide, and we are the IT and consultancy partner to Water UK. Water UK represents all the UK water and wastewater service suppliers at the national and European level, providing a positive framework for the water industry to engage with government, regulators, stakeholder organizations and the public.

With strong industry experience and solutions tailored for the water and wastewater segment, Infosys creates business value through a reduction in project-execution risk, improved operational efficiency and maximized asset utilization.

Building stronger customer relationships: Infosys works closely with clients to address evolving consumer and business needs – empowering water utilities consumers and exceeding their expectations with products like Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager. With seamless integration, targeted solutions, and new technologies, Infosys enhances the customer experience and enables improved enterprise-consumer collaboration.

Optimizing assets and information: With a knowledge-driven approach, Infosys can help companies evolve their existing reactive infrastructure estate. Our solutions in investment management help predict and forecast total asset and risk management based on both capital and operational values, with the precision in calculations and flexibility demanded by investment planning teams.

Today, Infosys is helping water utilities understand their infrastructure and assets to realize a return on their investment. Leveraging our performance management solutions, we help to embed a complete and integrated performance solution that extracts data from ‘any’ source (including real time data, asset databases, operational systems) to reduce cost and improve service delivery levels.

Investing in future: ‘Sustainable tomorrow’ is at the top of the change agenda of all water utilities. Managing the quality of water and wastewater is important for water utilities to ensure that supplied water is wholesome and wastewater discharge has minimal environmental impact. Infosys has developed a system that manages the end-to-end process of sampling (manual and auto), including regulatory reporting. This system was extended to sludge (residuals) management, enabling the utility to safely dispose sludge to land, vastly reducing its environmental impact.

Our internal water conservation sustainability program includes our rainwater harvesting reservoirs at Mysore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mangalore, which have a combined capacity of 300 million liters. Wastewater is treated at in-house plants and recycled for landscaping and flushing.

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