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Web Based Customer Self Service Solutions

Over the last decade, the Utilities industry has successfully used Internet-based self-service solutions to reduce the cost of service and improve customer satisfaction. It is a proven, effective method to increase customer satisfaction, decrease operation costs, comply with regulatory programs and promote various energy efficiency/ demand response programs.

With increased focus on implementation of easy-to-use web portals, coupled with self-service best practices and business process improvements, Utility companies can now deliver "smart" customer experiences.

Limited adoption of web-based self-service by customersCreate a holistic approach, covering software application aspects such as usability, functionality, security and real-time integration, as well as the associated need to communicate and encourage self-service
  • Improved customer enrollment
  • Increased usage of web-based self-services by customers
  • Increased cost savings
Higher volume of calls to contact centersProvide easily accessible information and services to customers across multiple channels, resulting in lower call volumes for call centers
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Customer engagement with Utilities is minimalUtilize Web 2.0 social network-enabling features such as wikis, blogs, polls and video sharing, in order to reach out to new customers and business partners
  • Increased customer engagement with Utilities through social media
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Creation of customer value and company-specific branding
Extended timeline for establishing web self-service Deliver quick-win items to establish web presence, while progressively adding more self-service features to the website, in order to encourage customers to stay engaged with the website
  • Quicker ROI on self-service programs
  • Continual low-cost, high-value customer interaction

For more information on the transformation process, click on the image below:

Infosys' Advantage

Infosys - Web Based Self-Service Solutions

  • Appropriate solution-based approach with customized plug-and-play components, which can be easily integrated with utility-specific applications
  • Tools, frameworks and accelerators for quicker time-to-market
  • Proven track record in implementing the solution for multiple Utilities worldwide

Infosys' web-based self-service solution approach helps Utility companies achieve business transformation and deliver “smart” customer experiences.

The Customer Self-Service solution creates benefits for each partner in the value chain. These benefits are illustrated in the chart below:

CXOLOB (Line of Business Executives)IT
  • Ready-to-use cost-effective solution with faster time-to-market
  • Low risk while working with Infosys, an experienced partner with expertise in similar engagements
  • Infosys' expertise in understanding, assessing and enhancing customer experience
  • Increased customer participation and lower cost of operations
  • Easy integration of the solution with existing CIS, AMI and MDM system
  • Rich UI features provide personalized information and a variety of services which cover the complete customer service spectrum
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