Michael McCullough

Michael McCullough
Vice President, MoneyGram International

"MoneyGram has been working with Infosys for the past two years. We have a very strong relationship. We have used some of their consulting services as well as their ERP development services. At MoneyGram, we have gone through our largest transformation in our company’s history over the past few years. In those two years, we have been working with Infosys amidst re-engineering of our payments and settlements process and now that recently went live this past September and Infosys was our partner in that initiative.

What we liked about Infosys and the reason we chose them as they had done this work before. We needed someone who had the expertise in our specific technology and in process methodology that we wanted to use and Infosys really fit the bill for that. Well, we started off with Infosys; we used their or Infosys-proprietary BVA process to help us come up with our requirements for the initiative. So we went from that to requirements, where we engaged the development team and then they built our new settlement platform and that has been 18 months and we are now live and in production with it.

Out of our new settlement and commissions platform, we are getting a lot of value from it. The system is running smoothly to offering a lot more or many more customized commission and settlements solution to our partners.

Infosys is a trusted partner with MoneyGram. We don’t only use them for development services but they also help us with coming up with new ideas, the right way to do things, helping us choose the right technologies to use; so they have really been a trusted partner with us. Specific case study would be in the implementation that we have just completed with our settlements platform. We sought their advice on how to best create our requirements to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers and they came in and helped us with that."

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