Thomas Kurian

"Infosys is a very, very important global strategic partner for Oracle. They have had a very close relationship with us in product development all the way since 2004, and they have invested significantly in all of our major products, Oracle's Applications, including all of our existing product lines, Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, and now Oracle Fusion Applications. They are a globally respected company known for bringing innovation, technology excellence and expertise in a variety of different industries and they are helping a number of our joint customers build the enterprise of the future"

- Thomas Kurian Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Thomas Kurian

"One of the things that Oracle is very pleased to announce at this Open World with Infosys is the opening of Infosys Oracle Innovation Center at Oracle's Head Quarters campus at Redwood Shores. The primary focus of the center will be to bring expertise and the solutions kits and best practices that Infosys and Oracle development have jointly put together around key functional aspects for applications products and our technology products and unique solutions, in a variety of different industries. Customers who visit our Customer Visit Center can get a detailed understanding of the solution capabilities that Infosys and Oracle can jointly deliver around our software products, our hardware products and solutions in specific industries. So we are very excited about this and we do believe that it will help our customers."

- Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President - Product Development, Oracle

Michael McCullough

"Infosys is a trusted partner with MoneyGram. We don’t only use them for development services but they also help us with coming up with new ideas, the right way to do things, helping us choose the right technologies to use; so they have really been a trusted partner with us."

- Michael McCullough, Vice President, MoneyGram International

Rob Webb

"Over the past five years, Equifax and Infosys have enjoyed an expanding strategic supplier relationship. Infosys has been critical to helping Equifax accelerate innovation particularly in our direct-to-consumer platforms. Infosys has also helped Equifax reduce our cost through the strategic outsourcing of our application development, maintenance, and support. The company demonstrates unparalleled customer centricity and we have been extremely pleased with the evolving relationship."

- Rob Webb, CIO, Equifax Inc.

Henrik O. Madsen

"This is the first international CRM program which we’ve implemented at DNV and it was imperative that we got it right. Our partnership with Infosys allowed us to implement a global process while retaining flexibility to allow for regional and process variations. It involved a lot of hard and challenging work by DNV and Infosys, but now we see the effort paying off."

- Henrik O. Madsen, President and CEO, DNV

Malcolm Duncan

"As in any large transformation exercise, Weatherford faced some unique challenges in integrating its disparate HR/Learning systems into the ONE WEATHERFORD ideology. Infosys team demonstrated immense maturity and in-depth business and ERP package knowledge to overcome these hurdles and make this program a grand success."

- Malcolm Duncan, Director of Technical Learning, Competencies and Global HRMS, Weatherford

"Infosys is a different kind of consulting firm, their conceptualization and excellent execution is their secret sauce. [Their] methodologies and models are instrumental in guiding us in the direction of success."

- CIO of a top US upscale apparel and shoe retailer

"Human Resources and related management are very critical for Telenet's growth strategy. Infosys has helped us meet this challenge predictably, by streamlining our critical HR processes using the Oracle E-Business Suite. This implementation using the Infosys global delivery model has not only increased our efficiencies across various processes but also given our business managers more time to focus on strategic initiatives to drive further growth. We are very happy with the functionalities offered by Oracle and the strong consulting and domain expertise of Infosys that helped us achieve the best results out of this implementation."

- Verlinden Rudy, ERP Program Manager, Telenet

"The real-time availability of information is a big business enabler for Royal Group. Infosys has enabled the entire organization to unify business processes, a benefit driven by the best practices and functionality in the Oracle E-Business Suite. As a result of our initial success with Infosys and Oracle, we intend to deploy this solution at all companies within the conglomerate in 2007."

- Saje Thomas, CEO, Royal Group

"I put this success down to:

  • The determination of the Infosys team to make this a perfect go live
  • The in depth knowledge which each of them has, not only of the Oracle area which they lead, but also of the neighboring topics. This gave the users great confidence during the project, because they knew that if the OM consultant said a feature would be available in AR, it would be available in AR
  • The strength of the methodology within which they work coupled with an ability to flex it when necessary
  • The strong working relationships which they have built up with the users and with each other
  • The offshore capacity, knowledge, and support which was available throughout the project"

- Sandra Smith, Head of Information Systems Toshiba Information Systems UK Ltd

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