Case Study

Campaign management and marketing application managed by Infosys helps telecommunication services provider cross-sell and up-sell to 21 million customers

The client

The client is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in APAC.


The client had three disparate IT programs for sales, marketing, and customer care. This negatively impacted commercial contact with vendors and resulted in inadequate operational metrics and system performance. The client needed to consolidate the different programs and instances into an integrated platform, which could provide a stable and efficient base, increase the functionality available, and align marketing to business needs.

Our solution

Infosys was the lead provider for a program with more than 30 vendors working in a 15-month time frame. Five different Siebel CRM applications in different business units were consolidated into an integrated, upgraded system, and new initiatives were incorporated in sales and marketing ICM, bid / contract management, and marketing and analytics. The system caters to more than 3000 users from three user communities across nine sites.


  • The campaign management and marketing application is used to cross-sell and up-sell to a 21 million-strong customer base across all segments.
  • Sales reporting was automated using Siebel Analytics and executive dashboards.
  • The client leverages true benefits of customer knowledge by sharing it with partners and collaborating with them on sales management. Dealers participate in the sales and marketing activities by using self-service features of the system or by interacting with the client over phone.
  • Customer information residing in several legacy systems was integrated by Siebel, allowing sharing of customer knowledge across departments.
  • Reduction in the number of legacy systems and integration of data across applications resulted in lower maintenance costs, and reduced costs associated with changes in technology and business processes.

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