Case Study

The Infosys Global Sales Force Automation solution increases sales force efficiency in 116 countries for a large logistics company

The client

A transportation services giant and market leader of the international air express industry.


The client operated at a country-level without global processes or an IT road map. Rapid growth and restructuring led to disconnected customer-facing processes and information residing in disparate systems. The sales and marketing management team required visibility into opportunities and potential customers in the global, regional and country segments to facilitate effective selling. The sales force needed a best-in-class sales force automation (SFA) and marketing system that would enable implementation of a new global sales and marketing process and also provide regional language flavors. The client required the system to be rapidly available to users in all the countries to reap time-to-market benefits.

Our solution

Infosys helped the client consolidate its global sales and marketing processes, and developed an IT road map to deliver the best-in-class SFA for the global sales application. Infosys managed, architected, built, and deployed a single-instance multi-lingual sales and marketing solution that supported the global processes and had the flexibility to support local requirements. The global deployment process, in tandem with the simultaneous release of new versions of the application and Siebel upgrades, was formulated to facilitate rapid deployment of the application and to deliver maximum value and product maturity.

The client upgraded the Global SFA solution from Siebel 7.5.3 to Siebel 7.7 to leverage the enhanced marketing and analytics modules, and also deployed a single-instance sales and marketing solution globally. The upgrade was considered a stepping stone to other strategic initiatives within the client’s CRM program.

The solution, currently available to over 8,500 users in 116 countries across all global, regional and country sales channels (usage maturity), has increased sales force efficiency through improvements in pipeline management, global cross-selling and up-selling, and insightful analytics.


  • The CRM initiative helped the client create customer segmentation. Together with insightful analytics reporting delivered by the initiative, it helped the client gain approximately 1% increase on a revenue base of Euro 45 billion
  • The CRM initiative provided the top management with key performance indicator (KPI) reporting through analytics (dashboard reporting, ‘delivers’, etc.) that delivered real-time reports for immediate visibility and action
  • The global application, based on harmonized sales processes, allows cross-regional and cross-channel visibility, relationship sales, global sales, and gives visibility to critical information across various geographies

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