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Oracle Fusion Sales Planning solution – reduce cost, increase sales revenue

Consultants from Infosys Oracle Fusion Applications Center of Excellence (CoE) discuss how the Oracle Fusion Sales Planning solution can help organizations reduce cost of sales and increase sales revenue, thus increasing growth.

Published with the permission of UK Oracle User Group OracleScene magazine

Customer-centric enterprise: Social on the outside, CRM from within

A CRM value framework aligns strategy with business imperatives.

Published with the permission of DestinationCRM

Social CRM lets digital consumers help themselves

Social platforms enable real-time service and a consistent experience across touch points.

How social is your CRM program?

People-centric management ensures sustainability of social customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

Published with the permission of Information Management

Put the customer experience at the heart of CRM

Social media enables personalized customer engagement through context-specific options that suit their profile and preference.

Published with the permission of SupplyChainBrain.com

Go social for a sustainable CRM strategy

An Infosys expert proposes a matrix for the social media lifecycle to help stakeholders develop sustainable social CRM strategies.

Published with the permission of TMCnet.com

Adopt social CRM to engage deeply with customers

The decision to implement social customer relationship management (CRM) must be based on the business need to reinforce customer engagement.


Mitigate risks for consistent performance

Enterprise risk management (ERM) aligns risks with business goals and distributes it across the company.


Separation of duties prepares McDonald's for GRC

Henry Lyles, Director – MBS, McDonald's, discusses how Infosys enhanced the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environment by addressing security and creating a road map for specific business roles.

Published with the permission of SearchOracle.com

Achieve quicker and smoother user adoption with the Oracle User Productivity Kit

The success of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software project depends on effective user adoption, which will, in turn, help sustain JD Edwards implementations and upgrades throughout their lifecycles.

Published with the permission of SearchOracle

Two Cs of ERP: Centralize and customize

A ‘fitment quadrant’ harmonizes global ERP systems by consolidating common processes and applications.

This article appeared in the fall 2011 issue of OAUG Insight magazine, the official publication of the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), and is reprinted with permission.

Streamline reporting with a global chart of accounts

A global chart of accounts helps companies rationalize accounting and reporting processes in an ERP environment.

Published with the permission of UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG)

An experiential approach to ERP implementation

Our experts discuss strategies to implement an ERP system smoothly and maximize its value.

Published with the permission of Supply & Demand Chain Executive

A lean perspective on ERP

There are several strategic, tactical, and operational techniques of implementing a lean ERP.

Is training a part of your ERP execution plan?

A comprehensive training program that focuses on business processes and end user capabilities enhances the adoption rate and return on investment (ROI) of ERP implementations.

A roundtable discussion on predictability in ERP projects

Our experts address the challenge of estimating the package implementation size to execute your ERP projects within the budget and deadline. They blog on critical aspects such as scope, tasks, and complexity of the project to define a scientific methodology for consistent implementation.


A dual reporting approach to IFRS

Companies can migrate to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) smoothly by analyzing its impact on operations and implementing a robust strategy for dual reporting.


Staffing needs IT for hiring and retention

Self-service applications and IT products can help staffing companies enhance the ‘quality-of-hire’ at minimal cost.

Published with the permission of UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG)

JD Edwards

Designing a secure automated interface between JD Edwards and external systems

In an article published on SearchOracle, Infosys experts outline six factors that influence the creation of a highly secure interface that helps protect an enterprise’s financial data.

Published with the permission of SearchOracle

Increase productivity, decrease TCO – with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

In an article published at SearchOracle, an Infosys expert discusses JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting and how it can help reduce the TCO for enterprises. The author also draws comparisons between doing reporting with and without One View Reporting, along with various productivity / TCO parameters.

Published with the permission of SearchOracle


Get the complete picture with MDM

Master data management (MDM) can help identify and realign key entities within the enterprise by maintaining them in a centralized manner.

Mobile/ Web

Enterprise mobility delivered the Oracle way

In an article published on SearchOracle, Infosys experts delve into the Oracle realm to explain how Oracle has laid the foundation for rapid mobility adoption through Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Published with the permission of SearchOracle

Create a fluid enterprise without boundaries

A wireless and mobile strategy mitigates business risks while unleashing the potential of technology.


Use PLM software to collaborate beyond the enterprise

High-tech manufacturers can pursue innovation and develop better, faster and cheaper products by using product lifecycle management (PLM) software and tools that enable collaboration with global suppliers.


Green supply chain and sustainment quotient maintenance

Infosys expert assesses best practices to increase the sustainability quotient and index via carbon footprint reduction, thereby providing eco-transparency.

Infosys Project Driven Supply Chain solution: Enabling great customer service

Infosys experts propose a process-centric, Project Driven Supply Chain (PDSC) solution that leverages robust Oracle technologies, and functions across as well as integrates different applications – to enable great customer service.

Frugal WMS makes an effective package

Simple warehouse and distribution processes ensure the success of a WMS implementation.

Is your supply chain vertically integrated?

A collaborative approach to warehouse, distribution, and transportation management ensures smooth operations and enables benchmarking of supply chain processes.

Is your warehouse on autopilot mode?

Retailers can ensure a responsive supply chain with effective warehouse modeling and reverse logistics.

The warehouse evolves to a retail competency center

Retailers can transform into world-class enterprises with a robust warehouse management system (WMS) comprising radio frequency terminals, hands-free picking systems, and an optimal cross-docking model.

Make the warehouse the epicenter of your supply chain

An integrated warehouse management system (WMS) supports business strategy, improves service, and reduces inventory.

Connect the dots of your global logistics operations

Companies must consolidate global fleet operations on a platform to minimize costs, improve customer service, and optimize asset utilization.

Can your supply chain sense and respond to demand?

High-technology manufacturers can gain better visibility into their supply chains and enhance performance by adopting a process-based demand-to-deliver approach.

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