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Streamline reporting with a global chart of accounts

The Chart of Accounts (CoA) in accounting enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages can be restructured to address specific business requirements. In an article published in Oracle Scene, our subject matter experts discuss approaches to restructure CoA.

Our experts propose a risk-effort matrix to help accounting teams select the optimal approach to CoA depending on the:

  • Application environment
  • Software expertise
  • Statutory and reporting requirements
  • Implementation timelines

Published with the permission of UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG)


Sachin Chitlange

Sachin Chitlange, Lead Consultant, ES-Oracle practice, Infosys

Sachin has more than 11 years of IT experience. He provides financial consulting services for package implementation, business transformation and process re-engineering of Oracle applications. He can be reached at

Sowmya Trikkur

Sowmya Trikkur, Principal Consultant, ES-Oracle practice, Infosys

Sowmya has more than 12 years of experience in business processes analysis, process assessment and re-engineering, solution design, setup, implementation, upgrade, and support of Oracle applications. She provides process, domain and package consulting services in finance. She can be reached at

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