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Can your supply chain sense and respond to demand?

Demand to deliver

Demand to Deliver

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Supply chains in the high technology industry are getting increasingly complex due to the rapid introduction of new products, shrinking product lifecycles, outsourcing, and backward and forward integration. Supply chain complexity results in the lack of visibility into inventory and demand volatility, leading to lower planning accuracy, a higher risk of product obsolescence and relentless pressure on margins.

Infosys experts blog on how a holistic approach can address these challenges. They propose a process-centric, demand to deliver-based solution that leverages robust Oracle technologies to function across different applications while integrating them.

Our experts believe that such an approach helps high technology manufacturers achieve better demand-orientation to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and increase visibility across the supply chain. Significantly, a process view ensures accountability and tighter coupling between different business functions to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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Solution to supply chain cost inflation in high tech companies

Our Demand to Deliver solution covers key process areas of the high technology supply chain to enhance revenues and reduce costs.
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