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Enterprise mobility delivered the Oracle way

Enterprise mobility adoption can be attempted by an organization in various ways. It can either develop pointed applications tied to the mobile platform or use standard development frameworks, allowing entire corporate systems to migrate to any mobile device employing any mobile operating system.

The decision to adopt mobility is as much related to corporate strategy as it is to the economics of cost, usage, flexibility, and technology reuse. In this article, which appeared at SearchOracle, Nikhil Kumar and Amit Zutshi, experts at Infosys, examine how Oracle technologies have laid the foundation for rapid mobility adoption through Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). They also explore how the options provided by Oracle ADF can help organizations think of mobility in a more holistic fashion.


Published with the permission of SearchOracle

Author profiles

Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar, Industry Principal – Manufacturing, Consulting and Systems Integration, Infosys

Nikhil has around 16 years of experience in global, large-scale, and complex business transformation programs based on Oracle ERP across hi-tech manufacturing, automotive, retail, banking, and financial services industries. He leads the implementation of Oracle enterprise mobility-enabled solutions at Infosys.

Amit Zutshi

Amit Zutshi, Lead Consultant – Manufacturing, Consulting and Systems Integration, Infosys

Amit has around nine years of experience in package and business consulting across retail, hi-tech, distribution, and core manufacturing. He is a solution architect at the Oracle manufacturing practice at Infosys, working on mobility solutions based on Oracle E-Business Suite.

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