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Lean manufacturing for inflated bottom lines

Lean-enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP) reduces shop floor wastage and enables on-time delivery and zero inventory levels, according to Infosys experts. Lean manufacturing helps companies streamline operational levers and maximize benefits from an ERP implementation.

Manufacturing systems must manage demand flexibility even as they support a wide range of products. Our experts blog on how ERP techniques such as Kanban, backflushing and flow manufacturing, real-time communication with supply chain partners, and workflow-based processing can complement the principles of lean manufacturing to improve the bottom-line significantly.

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Give your ERP a lean boost
The unified data model of ERP packages can be used to customize lean initiatives.

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Why lean may need ERP
While lean signifies a pull-based system and ERP involves a push-based mechanism for managing supply chains, they complement each other, when used properly.

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