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Empower your enterprise with anytime, anywhere BI

Oracle business intelligence (BI) solutions enhance decision-making with Web and mobile-enabled reporting.

Convert intelligence into actionable insights with Fusion

Domain-specific analytics, role-based dashboards, and advanced visualization techniques enhance embedded business intelligence (BI) in Oracle Fusion applications.

Profit from the wisdom of the crowds

Social media intelligence must be combined with structured business intelligence (BI) to enhance products, customer service, and marketing.

Tap into rich insights from social networks

Intelligence from social media can enhance strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

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Gain business insights for strategic decisions

Performance management combined with business intelligence reduces costs by rationalizing systems for a single version of truth.

Increase your business intelligence quotient

Business intelligence (BI) helps companies understand their customers better and enables informed decision-making. BI can also be used effectively during a downturn.

Data Integration

AIA: A sensible choice for cross-application integration

Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) lowers the cost and risks of application integration projects, and delivers sustainable value.

AIA delivers compelling value in application integration

Companies can integrate applications and realize value faster from integration investments with Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA).


Webcast: Infosys Data Warehouse solution for migration to Oracle Exadata

Watch a webcast presented by Infosys and Oracle, which addresses common challenges in data warehouse migration – with regard to assessment, automation, acceleration, and accuracy. See how our solution addresses these challenges by reducing risk, cost, and time-to-market.

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A checklist for smarter SOA

Project-specific evaluation of service components ensures the success of SOA systems.

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Reinvest and reuse: The SOA mantra

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) delivers significant cost savings by enabling reusability of code. In addition, it ensures faster deployment during integration across composite enterprise applications. SOA can also be used effectively to extract business value from IT investments.

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