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Oracle and Infosys develop Oracle® Price Protection

Oracle in collaboration with Infosys has its Channel Revenue Management Suite by introducing Oracle® Price Protection in collaboration with Infosys. The Oracle-Infosys solution automates the price protection transactional processes and streamlines overall pricing, promotions and product discount management.

Oracle® Price Protection enables distributors to get faster price protection claims by automatically updating, aggregating and providing quick access to the distributor's purchasing, inventory, costing and financial information. It ensures reduced errors during claims execution, accelerates settlements, and mitigation of future discrepancies.

Oracle® Price Protection helps distributors in:

  • Submitting claims and settling for covered product inventory, both on-hand and delivered to customers
  • Opening purchase orders that are adjusted with the latest inbound price list updates
  • Rapid notification to pricing team members who need to publish updates for outbound/channel price lists
  • Costing and financial system updates that reflect real-time price cost changes

Currently, a Fortune 500 global electronics distribution company in the high-tech industry is implementing the Oracle-Infosys solution to manage supplier agreements, re-value inventory, revise business documents and process claims with its trading partners.


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