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How social is your CRM program?

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) must focus on enhancing relationships and realizing benefits for all stakeholders. In an article published at Information-management.com, Infosys' expert discusses the need for aligning social CRM strategy with the goals of constituents.

Companies can ensure the success of social CRM programs by ensuring participation across the enterprise:

  • Customers: Influencers must be identified and recognized with rewards. Acceptance of customer feedback and testimonials on social networks inspire trust.
  • Employees: Internal networks, focused discussions and incentives enhance adoption. Metrics to track performance identify the need for policy changes, training and additional tools.
  • Partners: Collaboration with partners enhances the reach of the program. Involvement in pilot projects and sharing of success stories build confidence in the ecosystem.


Published with the permission of Information Management

Our expert

Shyamalee Pramod Samvatsar

Shyamalee Pramod Samvatsar, Principal Consultant, Oracle practice, Infosys Limited

Shyamalee has rich experience across CRM modules including sales, marketing, service, and analytics. She anchors CRM mobility solution initiatives. She can be reached at

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