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PLM Software & Collaborative Tools Across Product Life Cycle

High-technology manufacturers need to develop innovative products at the right price and meet the demands of customers. To address the challenge of introducing feature-rich products, experts at Infosys believe that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software must be used to collaborate within the engineering department and global suppliers.

Our experts blog on the dynamics of 'built-to-demand' manufacturing. They discuss how companies can capitalize on PLM software and collaborative tools across the product lifecycle.

  • Robust PLM software enables collaboration with global suppliers resulting in better product designs, sourcing of components and competitive pricing
  • Collaboration and validation tools facilitate collaboration among global design teams. The tools help shape a perfect product by eliminating errors at the prototype stage
  • Collaborative Product Commerce tools enable collaboration within departments and suppliers. The tools ensure the availability of relevant resources and an archive of earlier product introductions, thereby reducing errors

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