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A roundtable discussion on predictability in ERP projects

Achieving operational excellence through an ERP implementation hinges on factors like metric design and predictability. Definition and measurement of metrics and estimation of effort for ERP implementations, while being imperative, are not governed by any industry standards. Given this scenario intensified by a downturn, the focus on achieving predictability and operational efficiency at every level is vital.

Project metrics like cost, schedule and effort can be assessed accurately only when effective estimation techniques have been employed. Commonly used techniques such as Lines of Code (LOC) and Function Points (FP) do not address all the issues involved in generating consistent and repeatable software size estimates.

Our experts address these issues and discuss estimation methods that could help organizations significantly reduce costs and implementation timelines while increasing operational efficiency.

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Are you still using function points for estimating the size of a package implementation?
Package Points not only differentiate between the efforts for configuration and custom development but also estimate the size of partial implementations.

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Is perfect estimation achievable?
An understanding of the parameters that influence project estimates will help avoid time and cost overrun.

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