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Reinvest and reuse: The SOA mantra

In the current economic environment, IT solutions must enhance operational efficiencies since a majority of companies face integration issues across diverse enterprise applications. A robust and adaptable IT infrastructure is the ideal solution to plough back the returns from existing IT investments.

Infosys experts advocate the use of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable reusability of business processes and functions. They blog on how SOA can help you innovate by using the same business logic without investing in expensive supporting infrastructure.

Key takeaways:

  • SOA is ideal when the bulk of the IT expenditure is focused on systems integration and upgrades
  • When migrating to Oracle R12, upgrading the technology stack to Fusion Middleware makes business sense
  • Process Integration Packs (PIPs) based on Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) simplifies integration across composite enterprise applications
  • A bottom-up SOA approach makes eminent sense for small companies
  • SOA can enable cross functional process enhancements, ensuring reusability of code and faster deployment

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