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A Checklist for Smarter SOA

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) services are more effective when they are classified in terms of functionality. Infosys’ expert proposes a ‘Smart Assist’ model in The SOA Magazine to evaluate services based on the principles of SOA service design.

By quantifying the deviation of an SOA service from the defined standard, the model helps –

  • Identify areas of service improvement
  • Ensure reliability, predictability and scalability
  • Improve reusability and interoperability
  • Avoid redundancy and inconsistency

Published with permission of SOA Magazine


Prasad Jayakumar Prasad Jayakumar, Technology Lead, ES-Oracle practice, Infosys Limited

Prasad provides Oracle SOA 10g/11g and Oracle AIA solutions and services. He specializes in BPEL, ESB/ Mediator, B2B, and Oracle Service Bus. He can be reached at

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