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Oracle Cloud-based solutions from Infosys

Leading enterprises are seeking ways of leveraging cloud technology to develop and optimize organizational success. They are looking for a new platform, which will give them an opportunity to make a sea change in productivity while achieving critical, cost-effective, growth initiatives. Oracle Cloud platform provides a large portfolio of cloud services across all the three layers of cloud — infrastructure, platform, and software — with an enterprise-grade, industry-standard, product stack. The Infosys expertise in Oracle solutions, coupled with our large pool of industry experts and certified consultants enable us to address key challenges with cutting-edge cloud solutions. Our offerings in Oracle Cloud can help your enterprise as follows:

  • Reduce cost of ownership through:
    • Modular and subscription-based operating expense (OPEX) pricing mode
    • Flexible and quick provisioning (less than six months as compared to 12-18 months for traditional on-premise implementations)
    • Datacenter consolidation and centralized service control
    • More intuitive and lesser change management leading to easier and faster adoption
    • Rapid adoption of new capabilities without investing in major upgrades
  • Improve ease of doing business with:
    • Exceptional user experience across mobile devices
    • Embedded analytics and insights
    • Inbuilt social collaboration for important business objects
    • Greater end-user personalization — configure your own user experience, dashboards, reports, workflow, and data
  • Improve scalability and agility via:
    • Rules and workflow-driven process orchestration that enables implementation of new business models
    • High performance infrastructure to meet expansion needs
    • Technological improvements in storage, computing, and security
    • Easy import and export of data, along with flexibility to change service providers
    • De-coupled open standard-based architecture that enables seamless integration of processes and data between cloud and current investments

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