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Customer perception is central to the success of any enterprise. Factors like access to multiple channels and availability of information at finger tips have raised customer expectations. Only those enterprises that continue to ‘wow’ customers with great customer experience will succeed. Infosys customer experience (CX) solutions help bridge the gap between “good” and “great” in customer experience.

Challenges and opportunities

The changing face of the digital consumer poses unique challenges to modern enterprises:

  • Customers expect a consistent user experience across multiple channels along with products / services that are tailored to their needs
  • Any (perceived) deficiency is transmitted very far, very fast – potentially increasing the risk of negative customer sentiment

Infosys believes customer engagement, personalization and consumer insights lie at the core of a successful CX strategy. Our CX solutions are tailored and customized for the enterprises of the future based on these principles, and come with the following benefits:

  • Long-term and more profitable customer relationships, while helping deliver depth and breadth of products and services
  • Increased productivity in all business functions through close engagement with customers and an appreciation of their needs
  • Positive CX to multiply marketing and sales effectiveness and reduce service costs

Our offerings

A successful CX transformation requires a careful fusion of domain and technical expertise. The skill to envision and execute an effective CX strategy is what sets Infosys apart from the plain vanilla players crowding the market.

  • Our team of CX specialists help clients design CX roadmaps, so they can differentiate and move ahead of the competition
  • Our CX technical specialists bring focused knowledge around implementation and support across Oracle CX products to help clients implement best-fit CX solutions
  • Infosys CX Center of Excellence works with clients to build original and creative (“out-of-the-box”) industry solutions. This approach has deepened our domain and technical competencies as well as created a range of solutions that can be deployed rapidly to meet specific client requirements

Infosys CX Solutions

Our bouquet of customer-centric solutions includes:

  • Infosys CX Solution: The scalable platform ensures a holistic and successful CX implementation based on SOA-based Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Aviation CX Enhancer: Leverages technology to provide a personalized customer experience to airline customers
  • Cross Channel Experience (Communication, Media & Entertainment): Provides a unified customer experience that seamlessly integrates all customer touchpoints and channels for a CME enterprise
  • Intuitive User Interface: Enhances user experience and productivity on Oracle Siebel CRM applications by leveraging the latest web technologies
  • Integrated Knowledge Management: Uses Oracle Inquira knowledge management applications to increase the efficiency and efficacy of service functions
  • Cross Channel Service: Enables a seamless service experience for customers across multiple channels (e.g., online, call center, retail, social and mobile) while increasing the efficiency of service personnel
  • Unified Sales Experience: The comprehensive commerce solution enables an end-to-end marketing and sales journey across Oracle CX products
  • Advanced Product Catalogue: Demonstrates how an enterprise can benefit through integrating a web catalogue with an existing product master application
  • Social in a box: This one-stop solution showcases social media management using Oracle Social Relationship Management product suite

The Infosys Advantage

  • Experienced team of CX consultants with deep understanding of the latest product offerings and roadmaps
  • A range of pre-built accelerators and solutions to choose from
  • Diamond partnership with Oracle enables seamless access to product information and roadmaps
  • Exclusive global CX alliance with Oracle for manufacturing industry
  • Joint solution development with Oracle especially for the manufacturing industry
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