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  • A leader in enterprise communications systems
    Using our expertise in this space, we were able to provide the following:
    • Simplified complex processes, resulting in a 22 percent improvement in productivity
    • Developed a program management application that integrates tightly with Oracle Sales Cloud Partner Relationship Management
    • Improved the user experience for partners by providing a common platform
  • A leader in factory automation technology
    Our skills enabled us to:
    • Implement a web and mobile-enabled customer self-service solution
    • Deploy a guided selling flow to assist customers with complex configurations
    • Optimize the quote process to reduce the fulfillment cycle time by 39 percent
  • A leader in debt collections
    Global presence and technology expertise enabled us to:
    • Implement Oracle Sales Cloud using Infosys Rapid Start methodology in a phased manner
    • Deploy pilot solutions in three countries, followed by a complete solution rollout in 30 countries
    • Ensure that accurate forecasting and pipeline management increased sales productivity by 13 percent

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