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Six differentiators

Consulting services: Navigating enterprises through the web of products and processes

During the HCM digital transformation, there are a number of challenges for enterprises to overcome and pitfalls to avoid. It is thus, critical for every enterprise to take the right baby steps as they start their transformation journey. They must gain the right sponsorship, determine the right objectives, and stay relentlessly focused to leap into success.

We, the Infosys HCM Consulting services team, address most of these challenges and guide customers across the following:

HCM cloud product selection
  • HR IT Apps rationalization
  • HR shared services setup
HR business process redesign
  • Interface architecture definition
  • Organization change management
HR process harmonization
  • HCM co-existence design
  • HR KPIs/metric reports definition

Metrics-driven implementations: Connecting assurances with reality

Often, HCM implementations do not provide the required business outcome to customers — either the functionalities are not aligned with key performance indicators, or there is no performance analysis or report. Fortunately, these irregularities are minimized when implementations that governed by business outcomes.

This is where Infosys HCM practice comes into play. We have developed unique offerings and bolt-ons that enhance Oracle HCM Cloud implementations to ensure that the data required to determine a KPI metric is captured and a reported at the end of the process.

Metrics driven implementations

Rapid Value solution for mid-market customers: Fast but effective

We have developed a specific solution for enterprises that fall under the mid-market category. The solution — aptly called Rapid Value solution — delivers the combined benefits of best practices, automation, and transparent pricing to enterprises, at fixed prices and timelines.

Rapid Value solution for mid-market customers

'Persona-based' approach to drive user adoption

In nearly all engagements, there is a foundational step that has been structured (and re-structured) using different methods and technologies — the requirements gathering step.

Our HCM Cloud Implementation framework, however, views every engagement through the lens of business benefits. It derives its answers from three primary elements:

  • Personas: Key customers (internal and external) and their 'priorities'
  • Business scenarios: Specific depictions of business situations for customer
  • Information scenarios: Specific depictions of information situations/needs for customer

Personas or key actors are constructed from primary user groups / communities. By identifying them, we are able to address their ‘priorities’ during solution design. It is important to note that not all personas are created equal, as well. Certain personas have greater weight in driving value than others and we want to be able to distinguish how we craft the most valued solution.

It is the personas, business scenarios, and information scenarios that drive the HR business process re-engineering effort or transformation. Infosys terms this approach as 'Scenario-based Solution Design.' Solving aka designing for these founding principles versus traditional ‘business requirements’ (unstructured, unvalued, fragmented) will guarantee effective and valuable results across process, technology, and people.

Delivery automation and innovation


Infosys Oracle HCM Cloud service delivery is interlinked with multiple automation tools that are used during various project phases, depending on the size, domain, technology, and nature of the projects.

We have developed the following Oracle HCM Cloud automation tools in order to shorten the cycle times and reduce manual effort, thus enabling rapid deployment of the solution for the customer.

  • Rapid implementation workbench
  • smartData for one-touch data migration
  • smartTest for test automation
  • smartConfig for rapid configuration

Our HCM Cloud competency team has invested in multiple solutions that drive differentiation:

  • HCM co-existence solution to build synergies between on-premises applications and HCM Cloud applications
  • HR analytics dashboard is a dashboard with over 80, pre-built, reports that can be bundled in HCM Cloud implementations
  • Taleo – Fusion HCM integration solution to handle non-standard or non-seeded integration requirements
  • PaaS bolt-on solutions built for off-the-shelf Fusion HCM solution to provide employee self-service and manager self-service

Joint development with Oracle

Infosys HCM Cloud team has worked closely with Oracle to co-develop Fusion HCM.

Here are the list of products and modules built:

  • US HR, payroll, and reporting modules
  • Canada HR and basic payroll modules
  • Mexico HR and basic payroll modules
  • UAE HR and payroll modules
  • France HR and payroll modules
  • On-premises tool for data migration

We have also provided quality assurance testing for payroll modules designed for Americas and UAE HR.

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