Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers the necessary tools for enterprises to become more agile, so they can not only be more responsive to customer needs, but also anticipate and influence customer aspirations. This all-in-one 'box' package replaces traditional databases and related infrastructure. At the same time, it combines database servers, networks, storage devices, and software into a single ready-to-use enterprise information solution.

Enterprise challenges

The business environment is continuously evolving, and becoming more customer-centric. To compete and succeed in hard times and become more responsive to market changes and customer needs, enterprises must adopt innovative, robust and agile technologies like Oracle Exadata.

Infosys offerings

Infosys Offerings Oracle Exadata-engineered solutions

For the benefit of enterprises that are moving to solutions engineered by Oracle Exadata, Infosys offers a wide array of solutions and services with the aim of optimizing the enterprise IT infrastructure and creating a leaner, more efficient and scalable information system. Such solutions and services include:

  • Advisory services
  • Installation and configuration services
  • Migration services
  • Operational services
  • Performance tuning and benchmarking services

Infosys tools and accelerators

We provide preconfigured and pre-tuned tools and accelerators that work seamlessly with Oracle Exadata, including:

Infosys Platform and Data Migration iDSS Suite
  • Infosys Platform and Data Migration iDSS suite
    Infosys iDSS Suite is a framework specifically designed and developed to migrate data efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure predictability, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), increased productivity, and faster time to market.
  • ERP migration console process
    This is an easy-to-customize framework for migrating Oracle applications to Oracle Exadata by applying an Oracle-certified process across the entire migration lifecycle.
  • Performance benchmarking test cases
    These test cases enable clients to meet and exceed their objectives around migration. The method also enables clients to accurately capture usage activity, helping them prioritize their workload.
  • DB and Schema comparison tool
    Infosys has made significant investments in creating tools that provide data integrity during and after migrations to Oracle Exadata, including in tools like DB and Schema that are essential to the migration of critical applications to Oracle Exadata.

Client benefits

We help clients realize the following benefits from our service offerings around Oracle Exadata:

  • Automated database monitoring and quality service levels
  • Fine-grained metering of database usage
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Improved service levels due to high-performance Oracle Exadata machines
  • Enhanced information access and rationalization

Value proposition

Oracle Exadata Value Proposition
  • Multi–tiered services
    We offer a full suite of value-added services to help clients easily transform their current IT environments to realize the full benefits of Oracle Exadata.
  • Tools and accelerators
    We provide an array of cost-effective tools and accelerators that enable the client to migrate traditional heterogeneous databases to Oracle Exadata faster.
  • Oracle Diamond Partner
    Infosys is a Diamond-level partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, which means we have access to industry-proven tools and optimized methodologies required for Oracle Exadata implementations.
  • Readiness and expertise
    We have dedicated groups of experts trained in Oracle Exadata, with specialty expertise in planning, designing, implementation, and operations. We also have a large pool of technology architects trained in Oracle 11g Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) to help clients adopt Oracle Exadata faster and realize measurable return on investment (ROI), while reducing implementation time and cost.
  • Customer-centric innovation center
    The Infosys Oracle Innovation Center in our Shanghai Development Center is equipped with the Oracle Exadata Quarter Rack and Sun M Class machines that provide pre-built solution stacks. These are capable of mapping Oracle and non-Oracle database migrations to Oracle Exadata.
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