Resources, Energy, and Utilities

Infosys offers business solutions that deliver significant benefits across the value chain from exploration to trading.

In resources, we offer services for the process manufacturing industry and partner with industry bodies such as Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), EPCglobal, and ChemITC to address the emerging needs of the chemical industry.

In exploration and production, our solutions provide operational efficiency and effective alternatives to monitor and enhance field operations.

In utilities, we offer comprehensive services and solutions including generation, transmission, distribution, and customer service.

Our solution

Our Volume and Price Risk Exposure solution for utilities uses Oracle's Siebel eEnergy application platform to address risk management effectively and strengthen customer relationships. It provides extensive reporting with root-cause analysis.

Our Procure-to-Pay solution for indirect services significantly reduces costs in indirect procurement and management in the process, energy, and utilities industry.

Case study

Infosys helps a utility in the US Midwest realize its supply chain vision

Infosys effected a major supply chain implementation for a US$5 billion utility engaged in the generation and transmission of electricity and distribution of electricity and gas in the US Midwest.

The utility achieved savings of over US$100 million over a five-year period (US$25-30 million per year) in the following ways:

  • Reduced unscheduled purchases
  • Achieved higher level of contract compliance
  • Better spend information for sourcing savings
  • About 50 percent improvement in productivity
  • Accounts payable discounts coming from faster payments
  • Automating all low-cost spend and routing complex and high-dollar purchases through sourcing for strategic purchases
  • Shifted the role of procurement from a back-end processor to a front-end strategic partner for their internal units (generation and energy delivery businesses)
  • Increased ease of use for end users (generation and energy delivery businesses)
  • Introduced new approaches to project management reporting and testing for other projects
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