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We offer strategic consulting, business process re-engineering, and industry-specific solutions to achieve faster time-to-market and reduced total cost of ownership.

Our solution

Our Sales Representative Performance Evaluation Dashboard improves sales force effectiveness by providing reports that are user-friendly and interactive. These reports allow users to conduct a 360-degree evaluation of sales representatives. They enable the senior management to evaluate sales representatives and identify top and bottom performers. The dashboard offers unique evaluation criteria on an easy-to-navigate, single interface eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Case study

Infosys Global Sales Force Automation solution boosts sales force efficiency in 116 countries for a logistics company.

Infosys partnered with a leading provider of transportation and air express service to implement a CRM application:

  • The CRM initiative enabled customer segmentation. In addition to insightful analytics reporting, it increased revenue by approximately one percent on a revenue base of 45 billion euros.
  • It provided KPI reporting to the top management through analytics (dashboard reporting, Delivers, etc.), enabling real-time reports for immediate visibility and action.
  • The global application based on harmonized sales processes enabled cross-regional and cross-channel visibility, relationship sales, global sales, and offered visibility into critical information across various geographies.
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