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Infosys named in Winner’s Circle of HfS Research Blueprint on Industry 4.0 services

Infosys has been positioned in the Winner’s Circle of the Blueprint for Industry 4.0 services, published by HfS Research, the Services Research Company™. HfS Research has studied the Industry 4.0 services market across research and development, planning, implementation, and operational services; to arrive at this comprehensive analysis. In this study, thirteen vendors across thirteen technology areas of Industry 4.0 were evaluated.

While evaluating our capabilities, HfS Research stated, “Infosys aligned its IT and engineering services divisions to unlock the value of Industry 4.0. The company leverages its Engineering Academy and Advanced Engineering Group for advanced research, innovation, and training of Industry 4.0 – related technologies. In addition, Infosys is working on an Industry 4.0 Maturity Index initiative with acatech (Germany) for benchmarking Industry 4.0 key performance indicators (KPIs). Clients will be able to benchmark their progress against a defined standard and develop Industry 4.0 roadmaps.”

As part of its comprehensive efforts towards creating the report, HfS Research studied thirteen vendors across thirteen technology areas of Industry 4.0; namely, manufacturing data analytics, robots, manufacturing automation, digital clone or simulation, 3D printing, manufacturing Internet of things (IoT), plant cybersecurity, manufacturing on cloud, augmented reality in manufacturing, virtual reality in manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing, visual analytics in manufacturing and small batch manufacturing.

Infosys named in Winner’s Circle of HfS Blueprint on Industry 4.0 services

HfS Research highlights our strengths as the following:

  • Demonstrated among the highest number of use cases and case studies showcasing our Industry 4.0 capabilities
  • Developed many testbeds as part of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and engaged in multiple lighthouse projects with clients
  • Engaged in active thought leadership in Industry 4.0 and published a joint study on Industry 4.0: The state of the nations in collaboration with FIR (Institute for Industrial Management) – Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen
  • Focused on developing advanced versions of emerging technologies, by becoming a member of a number of bodies that set industry standards, such as the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Open AI Forum, and acatech

Elaborating on organizations that have been listed in the Winner’s Circle, HfS Research states, “To make it into the Winner’s Circle of an HfS Research Blueprint Market Guide, a vendor organization needs to demonstrate an ability to consistently deliver excellence in execution and innovation within the capability area covered.”


Pareekh Jain, SVP and Managing Director India, HfS Research

"Infosys has clearly identified Industry 4.0 as an important area of focus for them. They have invested in a lab earmarked for Industry 4.0 technologies and have an advantage in terms of well-articulated use cases. They have also invested in thought leadership by conducting survey on the Industry 4.0 across different nations and are one of the founding members of the consortium led by acatech which is working on the Industry 4.0 Maturity Index."

Sudip Singh, SVP and Global Head, Infosys Engineering Services

"Infosys is heavily investing in being the partner of choice for global organizations in their Industrial IoT journey. Our practitioner-led strategy focused on industry use cases, partner ecosystem development and close collaboration with academia such as FIR Aachen is gaining definite traction with our clients. This recognition by HfS Research in The HfS Research Blueprint for Industry 4.0 Services of Infosys as one of the leaders in Industrie 4.0 is both a validation and a boost to our strategy of partnering with our clients in their transformation journey."

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Published with permission from HfS Research.

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