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Product life cycle management

A business enterprise owes its existence to continuous value creation resulting in better customer experiences. Product life cycle management (PLM) at a conceptual level deals with the enhancement of the ‘creation’ processes for product / services or design of production processes, across the enterprise. Challenges in the ‘creation’ processes that drive the design of a robust PLM strategy and implementation are:

  • Product information not structured around ‘creation’ processes (i.e., no new product development and introduction (NDPI) view in PLM strategy)
  • Inability to leverage collaboration across the extended enterprise (suppliers, vendors, customers), in the context of the product life cycle
  • Inability to measure and enhance the product life cycle cost: Product performance and analytics, total cost to the customer, and knowledge management (of creation process) are some of the life cycle-wide characteristics that have a direct impact on business metrics
Value proposition

Infosys Product Life Cycle Management Services imbibe a holistic view of ‘creation’ processes within an organization and invest in thought leadership and implementation of those concepts through IT enablement of those processes.

Fully aware of the wider import of PLM to an organization, Infosys attempts to break free from the conventional mindset about PLM package implementation and helps clients realize the true value of PLM, i.e., in terms of business metrics such as time-to-market, time-to-volume, product quality, and NPDI success rate.

  • Accelerated NPDI and product change (ECM) processes: Infosys critically examines clients’ product collaboration, co-creation, and product feedback processes in order to automate and continually improve, using tailor-made solutions / accelerators based on industry standard PLM packages.
  • Collaborative enterprise with "single source of truth": The success of PLM is usually limited as the product information is scattered across the supply chain and is ever growing in complexity. Our service-oriented-architecture-led PLM attempts to bring all the collaborators under a canonical product and process definition resulting in a "single source of truth" and faster and enhanced product decisions.
  • Reduce total life cycle costs: PLM solutions from Infosys span the complete product life cycle right from ideation through end of life. Scientific process evaluation tools, reference models, PLM-harmonization platforms derived from multiple PLM programs, out-of-the box integration adapters, and global rollout templates reduce solution life cycle costs and implementation time.
Services and solutions Alliance partnerships

With an aim to leverage best-in-class PLM solutions for the benefit of clients, Infosys has formed strong alliance partnerships with the PLM vendor ecosystem.

  • ARAS
  • Dassault Systems
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Siemens
Case studies
"Single system of truth" for a European power solutions major
Product life cycle management transformation for a global aerospace major